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The 5th World Summit will be held in 2007 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

MESSAGE BY FIRDOZE BULBULIA at the Opening Gala of the 5WSMC -24 March 2007

From Africa to Asia

Middle East to Latin America
Europe, the Caribbean and North America- they gathered

Young, old, weak, strong, golden bronze, brown, white- they gathered

they represented all cultures, diverse tongues, many nations

They gathered- in harmony under the banner of Peace and Democracy


They gathered to prepare, present, participate and witness-

the event that would determine the media environment of children for the next three years-

They gathered


They gathered to share and celebrate, to discuss and debate-

to ensure that through democratic instruments they would charter a way forward that would place children’s media

on the national, regional and global agendas- they gathered


They gathered to find solutions that would include the previous charters

and declarations and that would assist

in the formation of an integrated media policy

that will help determine best practice in children’s media

They gathered


They gathered to bring one voice,

to witness in one tongue,

to present to all nations

the need for unity within the children’s media environment

They gathered!
…and now that we have gathered and returned

we can safely say the gathering has been worthwhile…

our challenge now is to prepare for the next gathering

that should further the goals of this one- take Peace and Democracy and make it a REALITY!
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