Media & Children 5th World Summit





Agenda by Day

Brief to Speakers & Facilitators

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Gala Opening Dinner

SUMMIT DAY 1 - Plenary

SUMMIT DAY 1- Plenary

Chairperson: Adelaida Trujillo (Colombia)

The media provides a forum for assenting and dissenting voices to discourse – and for listeners and readers to reflect – and thus plays the role of midwife to promoting global peace and deepening democracy. There is consensus in the world that peace and democracy are prerequisites to development. Reconciliation and reconstruction thrive in an atmosphere of peace and participatory democracy. The culture of tolerance is implanted through dialogue. The Summit will examine how the media in specific situations promotes peace and democracy – where it is itself embedded in such values – and thereby brings about advancement in many spheres of life. The Summit will also discuss constraints placed on the media and media practitioners by governments, proprietors and others with vested interests in the exercise of their professional responsibilities and how to overcome such constraints.

  • Arrival: 08:30
  • 08:50: Zolani Mkiva- Praise Poet
  • 09:00-09:20 KEYNOTE: Roy Disney (confirmed!)
  • 09:20-09:30 Child Speaker/s Girl & Boy: Child /Afghanistan-Iraq (Moneeza Hashmi-confirmed!)
  • 09:30-10:00 President Thabo Mbeki (tbc- Keynote -Inspirational/ Provocative)
  • 10:00-10:30 Q & A
  • Chair: Dr. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri

10:30- 11:00Tea/ Coffee Break

Light Musical Entertainment: Children’s choir (School for the Deaf- Rosebank)

11:00-11:30 -Official Opening of Exhibition
  • Keynote Speakers and other officials presiding including Premier and Mayor. Welcome Remarks by Yvonne Chaka Chaka; Vote of Thanks to the Sponsors: Judi Nwokedi (5WSMC Board Members)
  • Multi-cultural dance performed by child delegates

Master-classes/ Workshops: 11:30-13:30
Board Rooms (3,4,5,6,7- 48 pax max. delegates must register for these classes online:
  • Media Literacy Workshops– Carolyn Wilson, Michelle Stack/ UNESCO/ ISIC (Morocco)- Board Room 3
  • Polish Filmakers Association: A hands-on workshop with practical examples on  “How to include Puppeteers in productions” - Board Room 4
  • Greg Childs and David Kleeman: Challenges of Finance & Distribution - Board Room 5
  • How to work with Talent- Directing the Child Actor-Vinod Ganatra (India)/ Dr. Soma (Sri Lanka), Polish Director (Andrzej Maleszka)- CIFEJ- Board Room 6
  • IZI-Humour and the Fun-o-Meter Master-class –Board Room 7

(Master classes and workshops are organised especially for capacity building and skills development. Maximum: 40 pax per session. Please book early)

Committee Rooms: Breakaway Sessions: 11:30-13:30

1) The Danish Experience: Focus on production of film for children (Rumle Hammerich and Charlotte Giese).  Committee Room 5 (2 hrs)

Committee Room: 2, 4 (Workshops) 11:30-13:30

  • Marina Cavalluzzi “TV School for Mums: A Media Education Project” (RAI)/ Sholly & Maya (USA- Germany) –PJ ‘Mummy Bar’ / Israeli Channels dedicated to ‘baby –new born programming’ Committee Room 2
  • Roberta De Cicco (RAI)- Debora Penzo (RAI) News @ School- Teachers, Professionals around production of News: Committee Room 4
  • Angela Castelli (MED Association) and Mara Clementi (ISMU) Italian Children tell Nelson Mandela’s Fairy Tales (ask to bring the art work for presentation in Exhibition Space)

Plenary: PUBLIC BROADCASTING (Radio & Television)

  • 11:30- 13:00 (+- 10 min. per speaker, 30 minutes Q & A)
  • Chair: Elizabeth Smith (Sec-Gen. CBA)
  • Plan Mali- Child Speaker- presents views on quality media (3 minutes)
  • Speakers: SABC (Group CEO-Dali Mpofu), CBBC Richard Deverell, INDIA -Prasar Bharati (CEO-K.S. Sarma), Jennifer Lawson (PBS, America), Brazil-TV E (Beth Carmona), Nigeria- FRCN Kevin Ejiofor, Jenny Buckland, (Australia), Maria Cremilda Massingue –Director of Programming–Television Mocambique, Christina Bjork (Head of Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company –UR, Sweden), Egypt TV
  • Sannette Naeye to propose a way forward for PBS (a’gent provocateur)

Childrens’ Media Overview: (sketching the children’s media landscape) - Middle East, Africa, N. America, Latin America & Caribbean, Europe, Australasia & the Pacific- supporting information from Plan International.
Chairpersons: Prof. Norma Percora (USA)/ Dr. Yousef Al-Failakawi (Kuwait)
(Assisted by OU students)

LUNCH: 13:30- 14:30
  • SABC Sponsor Lunch Welcome: Dali Mpofu
  • Keynote: Patricia Edgar-Australia (10-minutes)
  • Chairperson: Solomon Luvai (Kenya)


Session 1 (In Plenary)
  • Broadcasting Unions (The Role of Public Broadcasting- how do Broadcasting Unions implement their role/s) Best Practise?
  • Speakers: URTNA, EBU, ASBU, ABU, CBA, FCC (USA), Latin America/ Caribbean, Abdelhafidh Harguem –Arab States Broadcasting Union, Cathy Spirenburg (EBU), Hyunsook Chung (ASBU)
  • Chair: Philippe Jacot- Head of Co-production Unit, Television Department - EBU-

Session 2 (Parallel-Breakaway) Committee Room : 4
  • The role of Independent/ commercial broadcasters and producers to enhance the Public Service Broadcasting mandate. Presentations on each of the following topics should provide concrete examples of how the Independent/ Commercial sector can and must contribute to a Public Service mandate using the following:

1) co-productions
2) item-exchanges 
3) financing
4) advertising

  • (Led by TV Futura- Brazil-Lúcia Araújo)/ NDTV (India) KVL Narayan Rao –Executive Director
  • Chair: Cheryl Garnier –Ready to Learn/ New Technology

To include presentations by Nickelodeon (USA), K-TV, ART (Egypt), Australia, Canada, Dutch, Brazil (TV Futura)

Session 3 (Parallel Breakaway) Committee Room 5
  • How can Regulation provide a positive environment for Public Service? Can independent, commercial and public broadcasters benefit from regulation that will enforce a Public Service mandate? (Led by ICASA, Media Development Authority –Singapore- Ling Pek Ling, HACA- Morocco)
  • Karl Lidstrom Gunner & EU Commission

Session 4 (Parallel Breakaway) Committee Room 2
  • Master- Class: Examples of good Public Broadcasting programmes for children such as BBC, PBS, SABC, Shelley Prasnik- Ready to Learn, USA, Latin American, Asian, Caribbean. (NHK, Marion Creely EBU, Roberto Giacobbo- RAI 2)
1) (Show clips with inter-active presentations)
2) Broadcasters and Producers to make presentations

Radio Session 14:30-16:30 – Board Room 3
  • Public Broadcasting Best Practice in Radio: Plan International, VOA, VON, BBC World Service, Parni Hadi (Radio Republik –Indonesia)
  • Led by: Zane Ibrahim, Mike Jempson, Sarah Mc Neil

New Technology/ ICT Session from 14:30- 16:30 Board Room 4
  • Multi-platform Distribution
  • Led by CINEKID

Workshop Session from 14:30- 16:30 Board Room 5
  • Formats & Genre (Reality TV in pre-school and older kids programmes)
  • Jan Willem-Bult (KRO- Holland), Danilo Bertazzi (RAI)

Research Session from 14:30-16:30 Board Room 6
  • Global Indexing:
  • Led By-Tatiana Merlo Flores/ Cecilia von Feilitzen

Workshop from 14:30-16:30 Board Room 7
  • Staring a Youth Media Project – The ABC, Plan International

16:30- 17:00
Tea/ coffee- with live musical entertainment daily

17:00- 17:45
Main Plenary:
Innovations & Special Projects
  • Milton Chen- GLEF
  • Dads & Kids (RAI)
  • Ken Ikeda- Director of Next Generations Programmes-Video Coalition- (BAVC) USA, San Francisco Bay
  • Virginia Crompton- BBC World Class
  • MIDIATIVA- MediaQ Project (Brazil)

Chairperson: Layaly Badr

  • Daily Debate: Maire Messenger Davies- sketches the conflict and media’s responsibility to fair and balanced reporting
    A 30minute topical media debate- For example: Media owners responsibility to coverage that is balanced/accurate during conflict such as the Iraqi War, Lebanon –Israeli conflict, Sudan, Rwanda, Liberia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, India. Speakers: Jeff Koinange (CNN); BBC, Al Jazeera, Mutasim Fadul Abdelgadir(The Sudanese Radio & TV Corporation)
  • Chairperson: (BBC World Services)

  • Summing-up with Rapportuers both adult and child- Led by David Kleeman/ Marion Creely/ CBFA Child Media Team

DINNER: 19:30- 21:30 (Outside venue- Moyo’s- with live Entertainment)


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