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Gala Opening Dinner




THEME: PEACE BUILDING (policy and politics)

Chairperson: Moneeza Hashmi (Pakistan)

  • Arrival: 08:30
  • Chair: Moushira Khattab
  • Praise Singer- girl child
  • Keynote: 09:00-09:20 George Lucas (Industry-tbc/ Video Message)
  • Child Speakers: 09:20-09:30 (Former child soldiers- Prince Collins from Liberia-confirmed!)
  • Keynote: 09:30-10:00 First Lady, Suzanne Mubarak (-tbc-Inspirational/ Provocative) relating to her own project on Peace in Egypt
  • Children’s Voices –from conflict areas 10:00- 10:20
    (Each continent will be represented: Palestine, USA, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Colombia- assistance from Plan International)
  • 10:20- 10:30 Wrap of the session

10:30- 11:00

  • Tea/ Coffee Break

  • Opening of Film Festival –Roy Disney and 5WSMC Board Member
  • Request that DISNEY offers film/s for the Festival

Master-classes/ Workshops: 11:30-13:00

  • Producing for Toddlers- Rag Doll, Barney (HIT) Sesame (CTW) Board Room 3
  • Indigenous Programming-Liliana Ovando-Bolivia; San People from South Africa (Radio Project); Aboriginal Programming –Australia, Colombia (Patricia / Adelaide re- programming for Indigenous cultures/ peoples) Board Room 5
  • Second Language Programming-Basel Karlsruhe /Robert Ruoff (European examples- French, German, English), South Africa (challenge of 11 languages) - Board Room 4
  • Advertising- Patrizia Boglione- (Kids and Teachers) –Interactive Exhibition
  • Producing Documentaries for Children: Marion Creely- Board Room 6
  • Producing Dramas for children: Patricia Arriaga- Board Room 7
  • Committee Room 4: Media for Peace Building – Parallel Plenary Session

Committee Rooms: 2, 5 (11:30- 13:00)
Danish Master Class No. 2– Committee Room 5 The Danish Experience: Focus on film education, distribution and cultural diversity (Line Arlien-Søborg and Jacob S. Breuning).

Japan Prize – Committee Room 2 (100 people) 11:30- 13:00 and 14:30-16:30

Plenary Session: Media as a Tool for Peace (Building)


Session 1 (In Plenary)
  • Sport as a tool for Peace Building: Jan Willem-Bult- 3 minutes visuals

1) Minister of Sports- Min. Stofile – Inspirational Speaker about Sport as Peace Builder

2) Jomo Sono- Football Icon (South Africa) –inspirational introduction of the way Jomo Sono influenced the lives of young Africans, as a Sport icon and Peace Builder and campaigner of Democracy. Alex Community Representative- (Linda Twala) of the Football outreach (2 minutes visuals).

3) Mr. Adolf Ogi- UN Representative on the Sport and Peacebuilding initiative

4) FIFA –Co-ordinator of Special Projects (Africa)

5) Jerzy Moszkowicz- Ale Kino Football Fest- (Poland) –Sports and Culture- How the Ale Kino Festival in Poznan, Poland was able to bring Sport and Media on the agenda of Sport buffs and bridge the divide between culture and sport.
  • Chair: Robert Ruoff

11:30- 13:00 (+- 10 min. per speaker)

Session 2 (In Plenary- Parallel)- Committee Room 4 /PAX 200
Media for Peace Building
  • Chair: Cristina Blanc from the Committee on the Rights of the Child (UN)
  • Speakers: UNICEF-Exec. Director Ann M. Veneman, Johan Galtung- from Norway, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (International Movement for a Just World), Erik Betterman, Deutsche Welle- all make short presentations and then Producers/ broadcasters from: Sesame Street: Gary Knell, Iman- Palestine, Avionam Damari: Israel, Africa (Sudan/ Sierra Leone), Colombia, Kashmir, Include children: 1 Palestine and 1 Israeli.

  • Visual- and inter-active Presentations by Producers and Broadcasters from regions where children are exposed to various forms of conflict
  • Showing examples of programmes that assist in conflict resolution.
  • The presentations must show diverse conflict for example, political, racial, personal etc.

1)    Sesame Street / Gary Knell-physically create a street on Sesame (Palestine-Israel) or N. Ireland –Catholics and Protestants living together

2)    Avionam Damari- IE TV, Israel

13:00- 14:30
  • LUNCH: Sponsor Lunch + Keynote: Anna Home (10-minutes)
  • Chairperson: Adrian Mills
  • Launch of Dafna Lemish Journal

(1 Plenary session; 1 Master-class, 2 Workshop, 2- Breakaway sessions 14:30-16:30)

Session 1 (In Plenary) –Research and Productions on Children Watching War
  • Chair: Al Jazeera Children

1)    Ian Stewart, USA- Former Reuters Reporter, Shot in Sierra Leone by Child Soldiers, Wrote a book- Ambushed, to be produced as a feature length film –shares experiences and thoughts on Child Soldiers.

2)    IZI- Study -A new book edited by Lemish and Goetz, Children and Media at times of War and Conflict

3)    UN- Violence against Children Study, 2005- Victor Chinyama- UNICEF, ESARO, Africa (Show examples of video presentations)

4)    HUM- TV -Moneeza Hashmi- The Girl Child- Lessons from Pakistan, Afghanistan (Show examples of special video production)

5)    Michael Cohen Group, USA- Study of After Effects of 9/11 (updated report, what about Iraq?- if possible)

Session 2 (Parallel-Breakaway) Committee Room 4: Edward Boateng Producer
  • Reporting Peace- with so many wars taking place around the world how are broadcasters and journalist managing to report about PEACE?
  • Global Networks are invited to share broadcast materials about Peace Building. We invite CNN, BBC, Reuters, Independent Television News (ITN), Fox News to prepare presentations eliciting quality media programmes that encourage coverage about PEACE. Moderator: Jeff Koinange (CNN)
  • Edward Boateng – Bringing CNN to Africa (Inside Africa)
  • BBC World Services
  • Reuters

Session 3 (Parallel Breakaway) Committee Room 5
  • Children’s Voices from the perspective of the marginalized children: How are Broadcasters reaching marginalized children? (Disabled Children, Rural Children, Children in Conflict, Refugee Children) Led by Kenya Broadcasting-Josephine Karani. Have a child as the first presenter to sketch the situation- child from Refugee Camp in Uganda?

1. CVM-TV, Dr. David Mc Bean- Jamaica/ ‘Come Video me’

2. TVE- Asia Pacific (Nalaka Gunawardene- Director- CEO)

3. Avinoam Damari- IETV-Israel

4. Egypt- Cairo International Film Festival, Soheir Abdel Kader (to ask about the Disability

5. Colombia- Patricia Castano, Adelaida Trujillo

6. Ms. Lenuta Burduja, Projects Director Tolerance and Pluralism Promotion Center Republic of Moldova,

Session 4 (Parallel Breakaway) Board Room 3

  • Master –Class- How to produce quality News and Current Affairs Programmes for Children? Led by Mediawise: Mike Jempson –(Guidelines on reporting on children) & Cathy Spierenburg- German Study (IZI –about the Iraq War, Tsunami Project with Dolls, Books etc.), Mimi Brazeau- Plan International, Carol Cornish- Australian Broadcasting
  • Producing News and Current Affairs programmes for children-

a) BBC –News Round
b) News program for children in the Netherlands, Suriname, the Antilles and Africa [training provided by JJ]. Hasina Kathrada –SABC, Free Voice, The Netherlands
c) ZDF, Z@PP?
d) China- News for Children
e) Israel News for Children

Radio Session 14:30-16:30 Board Room 4
Radio for Peace Building project (PLAN Mali)
  • Movement for Peace Journalism
  • Peace Radio – Peace /casting

New /Technology/ ICT Session from 14:30- 16:30 Board Room 5
  • Gaming as a social activity.
  • Sony- Play Station versus WIFI
  • Computerised Games – CINEKID
  • Jeff J McIntyre- Public Policy Office- American Psychological Ass.
  • Ghada A. Hussein -COO-Horizon Interactive Studios (Egypt)

Workshop Session from 14:30- 16:30 Board Room 6
  • Co-facilitators: Annette Brejner/ Peter Lemish
  • Conflict in television for children - an on going research project by Peter Lemish on how producers of television and films for children are dealing with socio conflicts. The study in the present is investigating the Northern Ireland conflict and the Israeli-Palestinian one, and seeks to compare it to South Africa, as well as to other conflicts around the world. Peter Lemish to facilitate a session- PJ Suitcase / Canadian Animation on Mediation as a catalyst, also ‘Dinner for Two’- as a catalyst. Peter Lemish working on PJ suitcase of 10-12 films on Conflict Resolution/ MASTER CLASS
a)    Iman /Palestinian Director/ PJ (co-facilitator with Peter Lemish)
b)    BUFF- Children in Danger- Annette Brejner –Sweden
c)    PJ Suitcase – Peter Lemish facilitator (Adelaide, Maya, etc.)

Research & Regulation Session from 14:30-16:30 Board Room 7
  • Research Studies on Violence and its effects on the child audience.
  • How do Broadcasters regulate Violence on Screen?
1)    British Team- Annabel Mc Clintock/ Jack Lynch
2)    Jeanne Prinsloo, Cecilia Feiltizen and Ulla Carlsson (UNESCO –Clearing House
3)    Cathy Spierenburg- IZI (Maya Goetz)
4)    ICASA?

16:30- 17:00
  • Tea/ coffee:

17:00- 17:45
  • Innovations & Special Projects:
1) Ready 2 Learn- (Teaching language to toddlers and parents- using Sesame Street characters and mobile phones)/ Shelley Pasnick
2) Create and Play (RAI- Marketing for Kindergarten Schools)
3) CINEKID- Virtual Studio
4) Just Think- Youth Radio –presentation
5) Danish Film Institute- Outreach bringing toddlers and older children to experience Media in the DFI Building
Chairperson: Prof. Steve Howard

17:45- 18:30:
Daily Debate: A 30minute topical media debate- For example- Sport is big business – how do we compete as producers of Children’s Media with the Sport Agenda? Jerzy Moszkowicz, Charles Owen, China TV, Australia Broadcasting
Chairperson: Thomas Malambo (Super Sport)

  • Summing-up with Rapportuers-Led by- Belinda Portillo- (Plan, Paraguay)/ Jenny Buckland/ Shuttleworth Foundation

Dinner & Mini Football Tournament in Alexandra
Hosted by Sponsor! – Dept. of Sports/ Super Sport


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