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THEME: Health Awareness and HIV-AIDS
Poor health debilitates the health of nations. The biggest threat to global peace, sustainable development, and sustenance of structures of accountability is HIV-AIDS. The real “war against terror”, calling for a true “coalition of the willing”, should be the global war against HIV/AIDS. Hitherto, however, the HIV/AIDS debate has been marked by more hysteria than enlightenment because people have been failing to speak frankly and honestly to one another. The Summit will look at the role of the media in helping people who hold different and sometimes opposing views find common ground and eliminate the conspiracy of silence and stigma.   

Chairperson: Kevin Ejiafor (DG- FRCN, Nigeria)

  • Arrival: 08:30
  • 09:00-09:10 Keynote: M-TV – (Industry)
  • 09:10-09:20 Salim Amin –visual tribute to his father ‘The man who saved the world’ / Mohammed Amin – Reported from Africa –drawing the world’s attention to famine in Africa especially Ethiopia
  • 9:20-09:30 Child Speaker: South African Child
  • 09:30-10:00 Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda (Inspirational)
  • 10:00-10:30 Q & A
  • Chair: Scholastica Kimariyo
  • Richard Mabala – a’gent provocateur

10:30- 11:00

  • Tea/ Coffee Break

Master-classes/ Workshops 11:00-13:00:

  • Animation Workshops: Ben Alabbas- Saudi Arabia;  DISNEY, Firdaus Kharras- Canada; Latin America- Board Room 3
  • Best of Prix Jeunesse- Moderators: David Kleeman, Kirsten Schneid - Board Room 4
  • SIGNIS!- Ricardo Yanez, Fr. Chris Townsend- Board Room 5
  •  Youth Media -Michelle Stack, Irvin Rother, Claudia Mitchell, JoEllen Fisherkeller, Steve Goodman -Board Room 6
  • Financing Forum for co-production of children productions for TV and cinema- BUFF, Lennart Strom.Board Room- 7

Workshops: Committee Rooms: 2, 4, 5
  • Media Literacy as part of the School Outreach. Can we see how HIV-AIDS and other related topics can be introduced in a Media Literacy Project- Committee Room 2
  • Exchange Projects amongst schools and local municipalities that encourage productions by and for children. CIFEJ/ Britt Marie- Interactive Computer Games and other related exchange programmes- Committee Room 4
  • Cathy Spirenburg- Tsunami Project- Dolls and Diaries as an example of how different topics such as HIV-AIDS could be tackled in the same way. Charles Owen to investigate the dolls project using African dress and stories of children in trauma and conflict- Crime, Child Rape and Abuse, HIV-AIDS, YATV-Asia to make presentations on their Conflict Resolution and HIV-AIDS work- Committee Room 5

Plenary Session: Must be both Health and HIV-AIDS

11:00- 13:00 (+- 10 min. per speaker)
  • Pieter Dirk Uys to start with a short performance
  • Chair: Richard Mabala
  • Speakers: Waheed Khan/ Venus Jennings, UNESCO- Young Producers on HIV-AIDS (West and Southern Africa, Asia), M-TV, UK, Kaiser Foundation, Lovelife, Soul City, Steps?
  • Victor Chinyama to coordinate: Tanzania –Swahili Game on UNICEF website, Mozambique- Child-2-Child Radio Show, Uganda- Memory Box
  • Jeff J McIntyre (USA)- American Psychological Association –focus on obesity
  • Of COM- UK Regulator that has banned junk food advertising
  • John Hopkins University
1) Daniel Vasella Novartis- Pharmaceutical Co.
2) Red Cross/ Noah’s Ark – Sweden

13:00- 14:30:
  • Sponsor Lunch + Keynote: Athina Rikaki (10-minutes)
  • Chairperson: Eugenia Liroudia

Session 1 (In Plenary)
  • Producing HIV-AIDS programmes for children and youth
  • Best Practise Examples: Soul Buddyz, Lovelife, Takalani-Sesame, (find more examples from Asia, Europe, Latin America- Claudius Ceccon)
  • Chair: Jeff J McIntyre ?

Session 2 (Parallel-Breakaway)
  • Alternative/ Innovative Media Approaches in the messaging on HIV-AIDS. What are the different forms of media that we can use that will assist in combating stigma and the spread of HIV?
  • M-TV Brazil, Pieter Dirk Uys, Kaiser Foundation

Session 3 (Parallel Breakaway)
  • Living positively- Personal Testimonies- Tembi’s Radio Diary
  • (Poetry, journals, living testimonies, visual presentations etc.)
  • Moderator: Uncle Don Mattera

Session 4 (Parallel Breakaway)

  • Master –Class- How to produce HIV-AIDS programmes for children – practical examples from UNESCO: Working with the Donor, Broadcaster and Producer:
  • CBFA (Ricus Duallert, Tiro, Kurt, Blessed?), West Africa (UNESCO to provide names), AIBD-Asia,
  • Young Producers share experiences about this project “You, Me and HIV” that was funded by UNESCO and facilitated by partners in Southern Africa, West Africa and Asia. (Led by Venus Jennings, UNESCO)
  • Stop Aids Campaign Animation, Never Give Up, Yumiko Tomomune, NHK International, LTD.

Radio Session 14:30-16:30

1) Sida- Helene Bjuremalm, Francis Rolt (docu-soap in Nigeria with Search for Common Ground)/ Other Radio Initiatives on HIV-AIDS

2) Thomas Röhlinger, MBA, RADIJOJO! World Children's Radio Network

3) Silvia Bacher (Argentina) – Radio Project on HIV-AIDS also related to UNESCO project with Boyan Radoykov

4) Free Voice- Ole

5) ABC-FM RADIOS- Prince Collins

New Tech/ ICT Session from 14:30- 16:30
AMCI- Digital Narratives (Australia) / KQED (San Francisco)

Workshop Session from 14:30- 16:30
Film Festivals- how to come together and assist –Coordinated by CIFEJ: ZIFF, Lola Screen Kenya, Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt, Japan Prize, Japan CINEKID- Holland, BUFF- Sweden, Buster- Denmark, Ale Kino- Poland, etc.

Research Session from 14:30-16:30
Amy Jordan (Obesity/ eating disorders)-UNICEF study on Subliminal messages for eating

Regulation & Policy Sessions from 14:30-16:30
UNESCO- 5WSMC- Federation of All Alliances, Media Code of Conduct
  • ANDI
  • Media Monitoring- William Bird

Innovations & Special Projects:
1) EBU- Co-productions- Philippe Jascot
3) Clifford Cohen- Adobe Presentation
4) Station Next – Susanna Wad
Chairperson: Bonnie Bracey

17:45- 18:30: REPORT BACK
Daily Debate: A 30minute topical media debate- For example- Why is HIV-AIDS a crisis and how Media can help in combating this disease from stigma, programming to communication.  Chairperson: Femi Oke (CNN)
  • Summing-up with Rapportuers both adult and child- Led by Ricus Duallert/ Venus Jennings/ Rio Adolescent & Children Forum Team Leader/s


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