Media & Children 5th World Summit





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Gala Opening Dinner




THEME: Celebrating Children’s Media- Achievements
Worldwide children watch more television and films than adults. But owing to funding imperatives, production and programming tend to appeal more to adults than children. Yet investors know that commercials that target children can also reap lucrative returns. Moreover, today’s listening and viewing child is tomorrow’s paying and buying parent. Children’s programmes thus constitute a worthy investment for production houses. The Summit will explore some success stories in children’s programmes as models of excellence as well as strategies to enhance children’s media. In addition, the Summit will look at ways and means to advance Summit resolutions with regard to the media as a tool for advancing global peace and enhancing participatory democracy. In the final analysis, it will be the children who will reconfigure the new parameters of our global citizenship.  

Chairperson: Nadia Bulbulia

  • Arrival: 08:30 (All delegates- adults and children)

09:00- 10:00
  • Innovations & Special Projects:
1) Global Indexing- Research- Tatiana, Cecelia, Karl
2) Michael Cohen- Mobile New Lab
3) Latin America
4) Asia
5) Al Jazeera – Children Arab/ Muslim
6) Emmy Project

Chairperson: Shelley Barry


Plenary: Celebrating Children’s Media and Proposing Way Forward
Mimi Brazeau- Plan International, Jenny Buckland- Children’s Channel, Firdoze Bulbulia- CBFA- Children’s Media Centre, Sabri Rahman, Malaysian Children Television Foundation, Mahmoud Bouneb- JCC, Rayén Condeza  -Children and Youth Media Policy, Chile and Beth Carmona –Project “Mostra Escola”, Greg Childs –Save Kids TV, UK, Japan- China- India?
  • Show how children’s media policy, technology, convergence have all led to the possible successes of quality media for children- A Global Perspective.
  • Chair: Moushira Khattab

11:30- 11:30
  • Awards Ceremony: “Children’s Media Hall of Fame” CBFA/ Faith Isiakpere

  • Speakers: 5WSMC- Chair, Dr. Patricia Edgar and WSF Board
  • Introduce the Next Summit

12:00- 13:30
  • LUNCH: Sponsor Lunch + Keynote: Beth Carmona (10-minutes)
  • Chairperson: Pablo Ramos



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