Media & Children 5th World Summit





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Gala Opening Dinner

About the Summit

Here you will find information about the upcoming Media & Children World Summit, as well as information on past summits and organisations involved in the summits.


In 1999, The World Summit On Media For Children Foundation was established to promote the World Summit movement. The Foundation is a not-for-profit public company incorporated in Victoria, Australia.

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Information on the previous summits can be found here.

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African Charter

We, the delegates of the Africa Summit on Children and Broadcasting, Accra Ghana 8-12 October 1997, affirm and accept the internationally adopted Children’s Television Charter that was accepted in Munich on 28 May 1995.

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Vision & Purpose

The vision of the hosts of the 5th World Summit on Media for Children in South Africa in 2007, is to produce a global and interactive conference to discuss and debate issues around children and media, with tangible, workable and sustainable outcomes.

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