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UPDATE ON CBFA -5th WSMC Activities March 2005

January 2005

1. 26 January 2005 CBFA, the Department of Communications (DoC) the Office on the Rights of the Child in the Presidency (ORC), Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF), The National Children’s Rights Committee (NCRC) and SABC convened a meeting to discuss the possibility of the above organisations forming the core-committee that would take responsibility of the 5th WSMC from a South African perspective.

2. It was agreed that the DoC and ORC would be the lead government structures and that the DoC would be the lead government department. The NMCF and NCRC would take responsibility for child participation and the SABC as the public broadcaster would become the host broadcaster.

3. It was also agreed that DoC would host a stakeholder meeting to present the 5th WSMC to all relevant stakeholders for buy-in and participation.

4. Scandinavian Projects: Film Festival, Children’s Workshops –discussions all for CBFA-SITHENGI Children’s Festival

5. Research Project with Tatiana Merlo Flores- as the leader. The research project centres on Social Responsibility in Media for Children. Karl Lidstrom has already started discussing with interested partners about this research which seems to be an interesting priority within some EU programmes..

February 2005

1. Firdoze Bulbulia (CBFA) attended a Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) Seminar in Baltimore, USA. This Seminar was organised by the Michael Cohen Group with partnership from the USA Dept. of Education and the PBS Body. More than 150 PBS stations participated. CBFA made a short presentation about the 5th WSMC. There was general interest and excitement about participation and attendance in the 5th WSMC.

2. CBFA also met with Dr. Milton Chen from the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). There is initial discussion about a possible North American pre-summit meeting that the GLEF and the Fred Rodgers Centre could host. This will give the opportunity for North Americans to discuss issues related to this region in terms of Agenda for the 5th WSMC. Dr. Chen also proposed some preliminary discussions with other USA based organisations that he works with to begin informing them about the Summit. GLEF will also post Summit information on their website and other journals, magazines etc.

3. An initial photography project that is being proposed by GLEF with a former National Geographic Photographer might be an opportunity to introduce cross- cultural media awareness amongst American youth and youth from other continents.

4. Once we have a clearer idea as to when this pre-summit meeting will take place CBFA will be in a position to inform its partners for their participation, support and advise.

March 2005

1. Faith Isiakpere (CBFA) was invited on the International Jury of the Cairo International Children’s Film Festival. This is an annual event that has been taking place for 14 years. CBFA interacted with all the jury members who have shown keen interest to participate in the 5th WSMC. Some have indicated their willingness to be part of the ‘I am an African’ co-production.

2. Firdoze Bulbulia (CBFA) was invited to the International DigiMedia Conference hosted by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) based in Cairo, Egypt. The conference proved to be extremely useful in identifying future partners for the 5th WSMC especially as we prepare to engage the Arab and Muslim World. Part of CBFA’s tender proposal was to ensure closer communication with North Africa, Arab and Muslim countries. This first step was significant in that Ambassador Moushira Khattab –Secretary General of the Cabinet body of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Egypt agreed to lead this sector. Her organisation will work closely with CBFA and relevant Egyptian organisations in preparations for the 5th WSMC. It was proposed that by the next Cairo International Children’s Film Festival in March 2006 a North-Africa, Arab, Muslim re-summit will take place in Cairo.

3. CBFA will also offer assistance with setting up a Child Media Team based on the CBFA Child Media Team example. A Kids for Kids workshop will also be included.

4. Ideas for Research topics were also discussed and the possibility of a Sesame Workshop co-production presentation was proposed. This would be all the co-producer partners to present a workshop/ master-lass about their own experiences and lessons learnt. Ideas about children’s networks and how content is produced for Muslim, Arab and African children was another proposal. There seems to be an increasing number of satellite and cable children’s networks- and the idea of research around these companies seemed a good starting point.

5. CBFA –meetings in Buenos Aires with Tatian Merlo Flores and other partners regarding Research and TV Production projects

May 2005

1. Firdoze Bulbulia (CBFA) has been invited to the Asian Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to make a presentation about the 5th WSMC. The Summit is hosted by AIBD. Firdoze will also have a session with Malaysian children similar to the one in Fiji hosted by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association in February 2004. The intention is for the children to express their own thoughts about media. It is envisaged that this presentation will also shed light on what Asian children’s needs are and to see how their ideas can feed into the child participation of the 5th WSMC. Prior to the Asian Summit the AIBD will host a WSIS preparatory meeting, where CBFA hopes to place children’s media issues on the international agenda. The aim is to suggest global policy for children’s media.

2. CIFEJ will host its GA in Tehran, Iran. CBFA has requested a Roundtable to present the 5th WSMC to determine participation from CIFEJ members.

3. UNESCO meeting hosted in South Africa. CBFA will make a presentation at this meeting.

June 2005


2. World Summit Foundation Meeting

3. Kids for Kids Festival

July 2005

1. Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)

2. UNESCO Global Meeting

August 2005

1. Cape Peninsula University- Communications Conference

2. Ibero-America Prix Jeunesse (Chile 23-28 August)

3. Multi-Rio Meetings (19-23 August)

4. Columbia- Bogotá Presentations (28 August-3 September)

September 2005

1. Buster Film Festival (12-17 August) – 5WSMC Roundtable

2. Bratislava Film Festival (23-28 September)- 5WSMC Roundtable

October 2005

1. CINEKID International will host a 5th WSMC Roundtable in Amsterdam

November 2005


2. WSIS- TUNISIA- CBFA submission as part of the Asian Submission from the AIBD Conference in Malaysia, 2005

December 2005

1. CUBA- Children’s Film Festival

January 2006

1. ICASA hosts Stakeholder Meeting in Johannesburg on the 25 January. All relevant stakeholder organisations invited to a 5WSMC- ICASA presentation as a fund drive and also to prepare for the Regulatory Sessions that will take place at the 5WSMC.

2. SABC confirms being a co-host to the Summit, Proposed budget is R12 Million (8 Million for Summit activities and R 4 Million towards Broadcasting initiatives)

February 2006

1. 5WSMC –USA Road Show: 2 Jan – 5 February. We met with the USA Department of Education, The Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS), Children and Media Organisations- all in preparation of the North American Pre-Summit that will take place at Ohio University, USA from 15-17 June 2006

2. Attending the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) Gen. Ass. in India – The CBA will be a partner to the Summit and will assist with CBA member broadcasters to attend and make presentations.

3. Presentation at the Basel- Karlsruhe Festival from 18-21 February

March 2006

1. North African/ Arab Pre-Summit –hosted by the National Ministry of Women and Children. Arab/ Middle Eastern Broadcasters will attend.

2. Meeting in Doha, Qatar with Al Jazeera Children

April 2006

1. Cartoons on the Bay- Meetings and Round Table in Italy.

2. RAI 3 will co-produce ‘I am an African’ with possibly two children from Italy. Head of Children (Muzzi) will present on the Panel on ‘Public Broadcasting’.

3. News @ School a Project within RAI 3 to train teachers to help produce News programmes as part of a Media Literacy Project- that results in programming for News and Current Affairs. This presentation can be a workshop with African teachers.

4. Media Education Association (MED)- Professors from Italy to offer workshops both for children and adults. Workshops can be in provinces prior to the Summit.

5. RAI- Andrea Portante- Sales and Marketing - Kindergarten Franchise/ Concept : Play and Create

6. Paolo Severini- RAI Director of HIT Science- Workshop on the relationship between the Director and the Actor- all the roles involved in production. Psychology of images- set design, composition of colours, vertical line vs. horizontal line- workshops for children and young producers.

7. Dads and Kids- A programme for Fathers who are let with their children on the weekend and do not know what to do- both TV and SMS-mobile

8. Music Workshops –for adults and children- Theme is PEACE, ethnic music as part of the entertainment programme for the Summit. Workshops to take place in KZN with Zulu speaking children.

9. Danilo Bertazzi – workshop about different Genre and Formats

10. UNICEF- Italy- Child Participation – Rome Film Festival, Children’s Jury from the Venice Film Festival- Exchange between Rome schools and South African schools. PEACE as a campaign for the FIFA World Cup- bring in sport as part of the Summit.

11. Disney Workshops on Animation

12. Dic Entertainment Master Class on writing for animation- e.g. Inspector Gadget

13. Main Frame- Master Class on Finance and Distribution

May 2006

1. Asia Pre-Summit (Malaysia 28 May 2006)- hosted by AIBD and the Regional UNICEF office.

June-July 2006

1.  N. American Pre-Summit (Ohio University- 16-18 June 2006)

The African Studies Department of Ohio University under the auspices of the Institute of the African Child (IAC) will host a Pre- Summit for North America in June 2006. It is envisaged that the pre-Summit will include the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF), Fred Rogers Centre, American Centre for Children and Media (ACCM), AnimAction, Carolyn Wilson from the organising committee of Summit 2000 and the Michael Cohen Group to assist in the organisation of this pre-Summit.

Ohio University in collaboration with the Institute if the African Child, The Dept. of Communications will produce a Book:

As Dr. Ghirmai Negash announced at the end of the last day of the African Child-African Media conference sponsored by the Institute for the African Child, we would like to publish the proceedings. This would be either in the form of an edited book or a special issue of a journal.

2. Meetings in San Francisco with GLEF and other partners, such as Just Think-materials produced by Hip-Hop musicians, speaking to youth in a youth –friendly way, Bay Area Video Coalition- music and media produced by youth for youth, Museum of the African Diaspora, Kaiser Foundation- Africa Project on HIV-AIDS and SABC , Youth Radio Development and Training-interested in offering training and support for community Radio stations, PBS –KQED Interested in facilitating Digital Narratives workshops

3. Meetings in New York- Michael Cohen Group, Elizabeth Sachs- Radio Project with the UN, and several South African partners, International Emmy’s-participation on the HIV-AIDS projects and ‘I am an African’.

4. Youth and Media Forum in Mali as Pre-summit meetings and presentations for Franco-phone countries.

August 2006

1. 5WSMC Board meetings

2. Finalisation of Budgets

3. Finalisation of key vendors

4. Finalisation of Summit Agenda

5. Invitations to Speakers/ Presenters

September 2006

1. AIBD-UNESCO Meeting

2. IZI Meeting

October 2006

1. CINEKID – Amsterdam, discussion and workshop of Summit Agenda with key partners

2. JAPAN Prize

November 2006

1. 5th Annual CBFA-SITHENGI Children’s Festival at the Cape Town World Cinema Festival and Market

2. 3rd Annual 5WSMC- International Think Tank (ITT) for both adults/professionals and children

3. EBU Presentation of the 5WSMC in Geneva

4. Presentation in Milan, Italy on the 5WSMC

5. Morocco Pre-summit with focus on Policy and Regulation / Franco-phone Africa


1. Research- Global Compact Project/ Indexing – Leading researchers Tatiana Merlo Flores, President- Media Research Institute, Argentina and Cecelia Von Feilitzen, UNESCO ClearingHouse, Gotenburg University, Sweden, Facilitated by Karl Gunner Lidstrom

2. Research on Soap Operas

3. Research / Project for Indigenous Peoples- Liliana

4. University of Dublin –Centre for Development Studies- proposal for internships/short accredited courses for African producers of children’s media.

5. Dublin –University students outreach projects into developing countries with a specific child media interest

6. ’I am an African’- International Multi-Media Co-production, Executive Producer, Faith Isiakpere. Interest from Europe, Latin America, Africa

7. Shorts on ’Democracy and Peace’ and from a child’s perspective as part of an opening montage

8. ’Kids Love’- Global Productions as part of peace-building

9. Children’s Games- Dutch Broadcaster example

10. Children’s Film Festival curated by CIFEJ

11. Adult Animation workshops –south-south (Latin America-Africa)

Children’s Summit:

1. Digital Narrative- Trinity College, Dublin

2. Dublin Out Reach Schools media projects possibility to pilot in South Africa

3. Animation- The Box- cut-out animation, 2D Animation AnimAction

4. TV & Radio Productions

5. Kids for Kids Workshops- CIFEJ

6. Dialogues between South Africa -Sweden, South Africa- Dublin

7. School-net Africa, Penetration of ICT’s into schools



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