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A collection of links relating to the Media & Children 5th World Summit. For links containing information on South Africa and accomodation, please click the "SA Information" and "Accommodation" menu buttons.
Media Activities & Good Ideas by, with and for children
The Oslo Challenge Network was set up for professionals and organisations working in the field of children and the media to share information and ideas. This network - now known as the MAGIC Network - communicates through an email group.

Cinekid International
Cinekid Festival, celebrating its 20th edition this year, is an annual Film, Television and New Media Festival for Children that is held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Every year during the autumn break more than 30,000 children are given an opportunity to attend one or more of the 200 media productions that Cinekid presents: feature films, children’s documentaries, short films, animations, TV series and single plays, cross-media productions, interactive installations and set-ups and workshops.

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