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Thu, 14 Jun 2007

Cape Town based, Okuhle Media and their co-production partners, Octagon CSI have been awarded a daily, live show targeted at Tweens and will be seen on SABC 2’s Tube from October this year at 16h00. The commission is one the biggest productions ever for Cape Town.

The contract was won after a gruelling pitching process which involved the submission of a proposal, short listing to four production companies from the 21 submissions tendered, and then followed by a group pitching session to 13 key decision makers at the SABC.

“This show will be our new flagship show, with 26 weeks commissioned at this stage” said Wilna van Schalkwyk, SABC Commissioning Editor Children. “We are thrilled that not only can we extend our production footprint by awarding this show to a Cape Town production company, but also that we will be involving our audience by providing them with the platform and stage where they can bring their inputs”.

The show aims to be one of the most interactive shows ever produced for SA Television using traditional media as well as new media such as MySpace, YouTube, Mxit, Facebook, Blogging, MSN, live streaming and SMS’s. A pool of six presenters based in Cape Town with five more on locations around the country will cover content ranging from fun celebrity gossip to the wild and whacky things Tweens like to do and see.

“It’s a magazine show for Tweens that addresses local and international trends,” said Paula Brown, one of the Okuhle Executive Producers for the show. “There will be guests, games, experiments, as well as an interlude with South Africa’s young, up and coming bands (who currently play in garages all round the country), fashion, where the viewers get to call our presenters and some experts in to gain advice on dressing for special occasions and so much more.”

The concept of developing a show that is largely based on the audience driving and directing the content, was inspired by the recent 5th World Summit on Media for Children which was hosted in Sandton. It was here that children raised their concerns about the fact that media owners were developing shows for them and not consulting them (the children) on what it is they wanted to see.

“This is set to change,” said Paula Brown. “When we refer to interactivity, it is not merely through the introduction of competitions but actually involving the audience in decisions such as the set, the tone, pace, content and possibly even the logo design.

Internationally, the buzz word is ‘User Generated Content’, we call it ‘viewer generated’. Through involving our audience, we believe that less control will lead to more innovation. Using many minds will provide the type of show that our audience really wants to see. From day one, Tweens out their will be assisting in the creation and design of the set.”

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